Welcome to Asylum Guides
We're building a network of 3,000 Asylum Guide volunteers to support every asylum seeker in the UK. Be part of the movement.
What is the Asylum Guides programme?
Asylum Guides is a national programme aimed at organisations working with asylum seekers. Our toolkits enable volunteers to meet with clients and help them to navigate their asylum journey.
Why was the Asylum Guides national programme set up?
The programme emerged from Refugee Action's access to justice work, rooted in the principles of Early Action. It supports people early in their asylum journey to address the causes of crisis or prevent barriers to justice. Since 2016, we've delivered programmes across the UK. Here's a case study of our work with Birmingham's Brushstrokes.
What does an Asylum Guide do?
Asylum Guides are trained volunteers, matched up with asylum seekers to provide legal information about the asylum process. Over the course of a few meetings, they explain the asylum system in a way that is accessible and easy to understand.
A national movement
Asylum Guides collaborates with a organisations across the UK. We provide training toolkits and knowledge sharing. Our local partners deliver front-line support tailored to local needs.
Seeing the difference in our clients, seeing how they change as you give them the information, how they take control of their asylum claim, it's been incredible to see."
Volunteer, Manchester Asylum Guides
Impact of Asylum Guides
Of clients...
Said they would recommend Asylum Guides to a friend
Of clients...
Felt they would use information to help their claim
How to run an Asylum Guides programme
1. Set up
Set up an Asylum Guides programme internally
2. Recruitment
Advertise and recruit suitable volunteer Asylum Guides
3. Training
Train volunteers to be great Asylum Guides
4. Meetings
Support Asylum Guides to meet asylum seekers
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