Volunteer Toolkit
Asylum Process Overview
All-in-one Briefing
This toolkit is designed for volunteers. You'll find everything you need when preparing for an Asylum Guide session with an individual or group of people seeking asylum.

The all-in-one briefing should be used if you're only going to meet a client once. It is your chance to clearly and succinctly share the most essential information over the course of one session.

The session content will provide people with an overview of the asylum process, what to expect (good and bad), and how to engage with the system in order to improve their circumstances.
    1. Pre-session assessment
    Welcome and complete forms
    2. Deliver session
    Overview of the asylum process
    3. Post-session assessment
    Wrap up and complete forms
    1. Pre-session Assessment and Confidentiality forms

    These forms should be completed at the start of the session. You can complete them online with clients or download as a PDF, print and fill in. You may find this second approach easier when working with larger groups of people. If printed, the forms should be inputted online after the session.
    2. Session Content

    Use this document to structure your session and to make sure you are giving all the essential information.

    3. Post-session Assessment

    This form should be completed at the end of the session. It will help you to review the session and give clients the opportunity to provide immediate feedback. You can complete it online with clients or download as a PDF, print and fill in. If printed, the form should be inputted online after the session.
    Resources for Women
    When women seek asylum in the UK, they may find themselves experiencing gendered gaps in protection. These resources have been created by a group of refugee women to ensure women are aware of their rights when seeking asylum:
    Volunteer help and support
    If you have any questions about this toolkit, please contact the project coordinator at your charity.